Daggerplay – Insomnia

Daggerplay - Insomnia

After several singles released in 2021, such as Eastbound Subway, Tailspin, Castaway, and National Day, Finnish punk rockers Daggerplay are back again with a brand new composition. Insomnia continues where the band left off with their previous singles, but with even more energy and power than before. This time, Daggerplay decided to go with the flow and explore the vast universe of classic punk rock. As usual, they nailed this track by all means. Soundwise, Insomnia comes somewhere between British late-seventies and early eighties US punk rock sound, with the British side being more dominant in the mix. There’s no way you’ll not like this one if you’re into punk music.

The band thoroughly explored the genre by including excellent, catchy, energetic chord progressions, riffs, melodies, and themes. The harmonious dueling between guitars works to their advantage, and it fulfills the atmosphere with a vividly hearable sonic presence. You’ll also hear how the bass supports the beforementioned guitar dueling but also contributes to the tremendous sound of the entire rhythm section. The lead vocalist provides another layer of harmonies over the top, and the background vocals help him along the way. Everything sounds top-notch from scratch to finish. Insomnia is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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