Divine Decadence - Purple Dress

Divine Decadence – Purple Dress

Divine Decadence - Purple Dress

French goth-rock duo Divine Decadence brings a cathartic experience for all those into cinematic-ambient rock music. Their debut single delves deep into cinematic soundscapes usually hearable in horror, thriller, and western movies, but with a delicate touch of avant-garde twist. Besides their ultimate love for great movie scores, the duo explores the foundations of goth rock, post-punk, post-rock, and darkwave music by incorporating only the best properties of each genre. Therefore, their sound resonates with slightly mysterious, eerie, melancholic, psychedelic vibes but still keeps the pace of darkwave electro-rock. It’s a fusion of brilliant ideas, exceptional musicianship, and clever arrangements, combined with so much sense of balance.

Divine Decadence
Photo by  Frédéric Fenoll

Considering this is a debut single by Divine Decadence, Purple Dress resonates with the sound constructed by the experienced artists/musicians who recorded or performed this style of music before. You’ll notice that as soon as you start listening to this composition. The dark atmospherics, various psychedelic movements, catchy electro sequences, heavily distorted guitars, robust rhythmic acrobatics, and dual chants define the sonic direction of this number from scratch to finish, so you’ll immediately realize how this track transforms from calmy goth rock to a colossal slab of post-rock. It’s a flawlessly performed number worth checking out. The single is available on all streaming services.






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