Onism E - Lin Manuel

Onism E – Lin Manuel

Onism E - Lin Manuel

It’s been a while since I heard something about Onism E. I had a chance to review their mini-album Survivors last year, which sounded superb by all means. Still, the group used the break from social media to work on the new material, which resulted in a Lin Manuel. This particular single is their first release in 2022, and it represents a slight shift in the sound. Onism E are known for their straightforward alternative rock, but this composition showcases a new, improved sound of the band. It seems like these experienced musicians decided to put their entire arsenal of skills to enhance their sound even more, and they succeeded in their aims.

Onism E
Photo by Jim McKay

Onism E still keep their music in alternative rock waters, but this time some new ingredients have been added. The band sails psychedelic rock waters, decorated with some contemporary indie sonic maneuvers. Therefore, chord progressions sound more abstract, guitar solos sound more progressive, while basslines and rhythmic acrobatics are more detailed. The vocals explore the depths of soul, funk, and R&B, but you’ll notice how alternative/indie singing style shines bright in this track. Onism E has invested heart and soul in this fine piece of alternative rock artistry, and you’ll notice it as soon as you start listening to this song. Lin Manuel is available for listening on all streaming services.






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