Abrasive Trees – Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Flowers CD EP

Abrasive Trees - Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Flowers CD EP

Today I would like to talk about the band that shapeshifts its sound with each new release, but somehow it does it with a lot of sense of balance and style. Abrasive Trees are not strangers to these pages, and I had a chance to write about their previous recordings. I was familiar with their sound since their inception, but they always managed to surprise me with their new tunes. Of course, their music always blows me away, and that’s the case with this CD EP. Each new release delivers something new, but this one carries so many sonic delicacies, which are not so easy to grasp in only one listening.

Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Flowers perfectly describes this release. These three compositions sound like molding heaven with earth, or maybe heaven sounds just like this. Abrasive Trees are known for so many genres combined all together in a colossal slab of harmonious noises, but Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Flowers surpasses all expectations. You’ll notice that with initial notes and beats. If you have listened to this group of experienced musicians, you probably know how luxurious they sound every time. Perhaps their music carries all the properties of the post-punk genre, but Abrasive Trees are more than that. Their music embraces post-rock, psychedelic rock, goth rock, ambient, and experimental music aesthetics at once, so you should expect these combinations at Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Flowers as well.

Maybe this material comes closer to post and ambient rock than any other before. If you’re into calmy, soothing, relaxing music fully stacked by arpeggiated chord progressions, extended guitar segments, half-step drumming sequences, and poetic chants, Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Flowers will be a perfect choice for you. Still, the band implemented some heavier riffs and beats in these tracks, but they’re present only for a couple of moments. Abrasive Trees solely rely on the beforementioned soothing ambiance, which offers nearly a cathartic listening experience. This record is also suitable for those post-punk fans who’re profoundly into the mid to late-eighties music because there are some moments where these tracks resonate with those vibes. Of course, some purists would tell this is not true post-punk music, but as with any other music genre, post-punk needs to expand its boundaries, and Abrasive Trees do that with a lot of style. Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Flowers is available on digipak CD, so head over to their Bandcamp page and preserve your copy.

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