Lifts – Unconsidered

Lifts - Unconsidered

Dublin experimental rock quintet Lifts has released its debut single today. Unconsidered carries a comprehensive amalgam of several but complementary music genres combined into a pleasing piece of avant-garde artistry. The composition sets the unsettling and theatric tone followed by generous servings of tension. Besides the beforementioned tension, Lifts fully stacked Unconsidered with brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. This number represents a point where experimental post-rock and classic music meet and co-exist in harmony. It’s one of those songs you need to hear to comprehend its brilliance, and once you take a listen, you’ll await more tracks by this group with anticipation.

Photo by @chris_tographr

Still, there are more ingredients lurking around in the mix. You’ll hear the finest elements of alternative, indie rock, indie folk, math rock, post-punk, and cinematic music roaming at some segments. Perhaps this mixture would sound too much to some readers, but Lifts wisely assembled this song from scratch to finish. Besides the energetic drumming, eerie ambiance, arpeggiated chord progressions, and other sonic delicacies, you’ll hear the lead male vocalist who fits perfectly in the mix. His voice works entirely to the advantage of this composition, which will indulge listening apparatuses of those who’re profoundly into avant-garde rock music. You can listen to Unconsidered on all streaming platforms.

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