Annakye - Wake Up Wake Up

Annakye – Wake Up Wake Up

Annakye - Wake Up Wake Up

Australian pop-punk band Annakye has released a new single today. Wake Up Wake Up is their fifth track in the row from the series of singles launched in 2021 and the fourth single this year. This composition also serves as a proper continuation of their previous works. Annakye nurtures such a specific sound dominantly based upon pop-punk music, but there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye. Besides pop-punk, you may hear some elements of garage rock, noise rock, alternative, and indie, but you’ll notice more ingredients lurking around in the mix if you pay close attention while listening. Of course, the song carries a healthy dosage of wittiness and humor presented in the lyrics.


Annakye is not another bland pop-punk group mainly because their sound is much more abrasive than the sound of the groups on the contemporary pop-punk scene. The entire song bursts with raw energy rarely heard among other pop-punk bands, so the sound of Annakye comes as a bit of necessarily needed refreshment. Every instrument resonates with more aggression, power, and dynamics than regular pop-punk, so you’ll love their garage/noise rock approach to the particular genre. You can listen to Wake Up Wake Up on all streaming platforms.






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