MeduzaleM – La Terza Gamba CD (On Parole Records)

Meduzalem - La Terza Gamba CD - On Parole Records

No matter how hard you tried to follow every possible band that you came across on the regional scene, it’s nearly impossible to hear them all. I mean, it’s even impossible to hear everything that regularly pops out on the web every day, and there are plenty of good releases that deserve our utmost attention. Luckily, Geenger Records said this one should be a good fit on our pages, so I took their advice and took a listen or two. All of a sudden, a couple of spinnings became multiple spinnings in just a matter of a day or two. I have to say, the latest full-length by MeduzaleM is something special that you shouldn’t miss.

La Terza Gamba is the third full-length release by Slovenian trio MeduzaleM. I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with this group before and that only proves my point that no matter how you try, you’ll always miss some good bands. La Terza Gamba carries six longevous compositions fully stacked with brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship. Some purists would say La Terza Gamba is more of an EP than a full-length release, but I will leave the debate to them because we’re speaking about good music without getting into tech specifics. Soundwise, MeduzaleM explain their sound as noisedelic music, and I am fine with that classification. However, for those who are looking for a much more appropriate categorization, MeduzaleM nurtures a catchy blend of post-hardcore, post-rock, noise rock, and math-core.

Still, the band incorporates some experimental, avant-garde electronica, industrial in the introductory piece, and you’ll stumble upon some alternative rock, proto-grunge, grunge, and metal along the way. It’s a luxurious amalgam built upon all the interests of the involved musicians. You will notice some similarities with renowned post-hardcore bands, but their experimental side makes a big difference, so it’s not so easy to compare them with some well-known acts. The most significant thing about their sound is that Meduzalem invested heart, soul, and ideas into this material, so La Terza Gamba sounds excellent from scratch to finish. There’s not even one thing I would change on their latest material. Quite the contrary, I can easily state that La Terza Gamba could, without any doubt, stand with some of the best post-hardcore recordings and probably sound better than most of the contemporary recordings.

You’ll love La Terza Gamba even more if you dearly love the echoic ambiance where each instrument resonates with a generous portion of studio reverb and delay. However, Meduzalem does not overwhelm their orchestrations but applies these effects in a moderate manner. The balance between calmer and more more aggressive segments is also satisfying and well-distributed across the entire material. Honestly, there’s nothing negative to say about the record that sounds this good from scratch to finish. La Terza Gamba is available on compact disc via On Parole Records.

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