The Loud Bangs – New Flavors

The Loud Bangs - New Flavors

Los Angeles dream pop/shoegaze band The Loud Bangs has recently released a new single. New Flavors promotes Introducing The Loud Bangs, an extended play release that contains five outstanding compositions. The single serves as an appropriate introduction of what the potential listener could expect throughout the entire EP release. Still, it is more than an ordinary overture to the remainder of the material. Quite the contrary, The Loud Bangs thought about details while assembling this number, and that’s vividly hearable from scratch to finish. Also, New Flavors is more of an instrumental track that contains some sampled vocals and dialogue in the background.

The Loud Bangs
Photo by Kim Withers

New Flavors contain tremendous energy, which in so many cases strays from some basic rules of dream pop and shoegaze sound. However, for some reason, it flawlessly works with the melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions enclosed within the entire song. Perhaps this song differs a lot from something you get used to while listening to shoegaze or dream pop songs, but on the other hand, soon you’ll realize New Flavors possess all the properties of these genres. It’s one of those songs that continuously play with your mind, but it unquestionably provides a listening experience worth checking out. You can listen to New Flavors on all streaming platforms.

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