Templemind – Union Divine

Templemind - Union Divine

Templemind is a brand new solo project of Philipp Schardt, a multi-platinum songwriter, musical visionary, and creative mastermind who has released his debut composition today. Union Divine is a comprehensive collection of several complementary music genres combined into a colossal slab of ear-appealing chants, melodies, harmonies, and rhythmic maneuvers. It’s a contemporary indie rock song that shapeshifts this particular genre with its crossovers into modern alternative, goth rock, and metal waters. You’ll also stumble upon some elements of neo-classical music and classic pop, but these elements are hearable in the thoughtfully arranged structure of Union Divine. Still, this soothing indie rock song carries a little secret. The artist recorded Union Divine in the famous frequency of 432hz instead of 440hz, known for its healing properties. Therefore, it sounds calmy, soothing, relaxing, and nearly cathartic, despiting its dynamics, energy, and loudness. This frequency somehow gives even more listening pleasures than the regular frequency of 440hz, and you’ll notice it if you dive deeper into this composition.

Soundwise, Templemind leans much more towards contemporary indie, alternative, goth, and metal sound, but you’ll also stumble upon some musical elements that are the main characteristics of the 90s and 00s music. Philipp Schardt has invested all his experience, knowledge, musicianship, heart, and soul into this composition. His effort to create a perfect indie rock song is vividly hearable as soon as you start listening to this number, and he ultimately succeeded in his aims. The guitar shreds, chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, ambiances, accentuations, rhythmic sequences, and vocals incorporated in this fine piece of indie rock artistry go beyond comprehension many times during this track. Union Divine will be a treat to the indie rock fans looking out for flawlessly performed, cleverly arranged, and perfectly recorded songs, further enhanced by the elements borrowed from some complementary genres. You can listen to Union Divine on all streaming services.

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