Tourette’s – Naked & Happy CS EP (Dr. Skap Records)

Tourette's - Happy & Naked CS EP - Dr. Skap Records

Today, we have a slightly older release on our pages, released by Dr. Skap Records about three years ago. Of course, this one is from the batch of releases I got from this outstanding German record label a week ago. Perhaps this is an older release, but it is unquestionably worth mentioning on our pages. It will suit all those punk rockers who grew up listening to melodic punk rock during the nineties. It carries that vibe. Naked & Happy EP by Tourette’s is unquestionably something special, and if you’re into slightly unpolished melodic punk rock recordings, this extended play will be right up your alley.

Happy & Naked carries six mid-tempo melodic punk rock songs that resemble something the US, UK, and EU melodic punk rock and skate punk bands would record during the nineties. This material possesses all the properties of those times. At least, that was the impression I got when I listened to Naked & Happy EP for the first time. It’s punk rock that evokes simpler times when the bands relied upon four-chord progressions, octave themes, melodies, and harmonies and avoided all the connections with technically demanding chord progressions, virtuosities, and other shenanigans. What impresses the most is that every song sounds catchy, despiting the fact these are probably demo recordings released as an official EP.

As I mentioned before, Tourette’s heavily explore four-chord progressions, classic punk rock riffing combinations, moderate beats, clean chants, and harmonious singalongs. You’ll hear the resemblance with many bands from the beforementioned era who played skatepunk, easycore, and pop-punk. Still, their music sounds fresh compared to music presented to listeners on the nowadays scene. Perhaps Naked & Happy would resonate even better with modern production, but this unpolished sound gives some weird but satisfying listening pleasure. Check out Naked & Happy EP by Tourette’s if you’re profoundly into moderate melodic punk rock music. The cassette is still available, so head over to Dr. Skap Records Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.

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