ANIQO – Birth LP (Spingstoff)

ANIQO - Birth LP (Spingstoff)

Today, I have a chance to introduce a brand new release from a German record label Springstoff. It’s the first time I am encountering their releases, and so far, I am more than impressed by their roster. The particular release I picked up for today is a pure example of how carefully Springstoff picks their bands and artists. Birth LP by German dark pop act ANIQO blew my mind right with the initial beats of her record. Anyone who knows me well is fully aware that I cannot be easily impressed by dark pop music. It simply has to be good enough to give me the chills down the spine, and that’s what Birth LP did to me during the listening. This album represents pure dark pop artistry rarely heard nowadays.

I am not the type of guy who quickly jumps to any conclusions, and I usually hesitate to write about dark pop music, but when Springstoff contacted me, I was curious enough to check out ANIQO‘s music. Luckily, I made the right decision. Something drew me to her music because I repeatedly listened to Vivre Libre for the whole night. The video was a pleasant experience both visually and sonically. The remainder of the Birth LP sound even better. It’s a flawlessly executed dark pop album that demands your utmost attention if you’re into the genre. It bursts with soothing, calmy, relaxing, cathartic, but also disturbing, weird, darkened, nearly depressive ambiances full of relentless tension that will keep your listening apparatus occupied from scratch to finish. Believe me, it is one of those full-length releases that keep you motivated and curious at the same time. However, it leaves you craving for more, so don’t be surprised if you spin this vinyl record all over again.

Soundwise, Birth goes far beyond plain dark pop aesthetics. This material is complex enough to tickle your ears and keep your attention on even the tiniest details enclosed within the album. Besides dark pop, ANIQO explores goth-pop, electronic music, cinematic ambient, classic ambient, drone, and a handful of other experimental and avant-garde music genres. At some points, some ambiances may sound like retro-futuristic soundscapes, but Birth certainly leans much more towards contemporary music. At first, you may think that ANIQO nurtured the sheer minimalistic approach while composing her music. However, there are layers upon layers of various harmonies, melodies, ambiances, rhythmic segments, and other orchestrations waiting to be discovered. ANIQO cleverly assembled, thoughtfully planned, flawlessly written, composed, recorded, produced her compositions, and that’s vividly hearable throughout the entire album. Each new listening to this record reveals more details, accentuations, ambiances, and many other sonic delicacies.

It’s a divine listening experience you surely don’t want to miss. Birth comes on all streaming platforms, compact disc, and vinyl. I highly recommend purchasing vinyl because it’s an entirely different experience compared to digital sound carriers. Head over to Springstoff for more information about ordering.

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