Prove You Wrong – Get Out Of My Head

Prove You Wrong - Get Out Of My Head

Alternative rock band Prove You Wrong has released a new single today. Get Out Of My Head is the second single that serves as a proper continuation of So It Begins, their critically acclaimed debut. This time, Prove You Wrong offers even more sonic delicacies that will, without any doubt, appeal to die-hard fans of alternative rock, hard rock, stoner rock, grunge, hard’n’heavy, and metal music. The band distributes equal amounts of melodies and aggression in less than four minutes of pure rock’n’roll artistry, but they don’t stop there. This song possesses so many details that it’s nearly impossible to grasp them in just one listening.

The number of excellent riffs, cleverly assembled chord progressions, catchy melodies, ear-appealing harmonies, energetic solos, thoughtfully implemented accentuations, and flawlessly performed rhythmic maneuvers are nearly mindblowing. This track is not just another plain rock’n’roll track but a proper hard rock banger that will immediately get stuck in your ears. Get Out Of My Head possesses all the qualities of all the best hard rock, rock’n’roll, alternative, stoner compositions, and Prove You Wrong invested a lot of effort so this track could shine bright. The single is available on all streaming services.

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