Honey For Petzi - Observations + Descriptions CD - Two Gentlemen

Honey For Petzi – Observations + Descriptions CD (Two Gentlemen)

Honey For Petzi - Observations + Descriptions CD - Two Gentlemen

The Swiss music scene stands strong according to the artists/bands I had a chance to listen to in the past couple of years. Swiss groups and artists always push the boundaries of known and lesser-known genres to the max, so even if you stumble upon a regular indie band, there are high possibilities you’ll listen to a unique, avant-garde, experimental version of it. That’s not an exception with Honey For Petzi either. Their latest full-length is more than a solid proof of how some regular genres could sound even more interesting if you put more effort, ideas, and experimentations into it.

Observations + Descriptions is a comprehensive collection of music genres sorted into twelve majestic compositions that unquestionably defy any simplistic classifications into a singular music genre. There are plenty of things going on in one track, and you can even imagine what happens when you decide to listen to the entire album. Thankfully, Honey For Petzi are experienced musicians capable of combining all these music styles into a colossal slab of harmonious melodies, harmonies, electronics, ambiances, accentuations, noises, sequences, and beats. To put it this way, Observations + Descriptions may seem like an over-the-top listening material after reading this, but Honey For Petzi know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it pretty damn well.

Honey For Petzi fully stacked this material with elements borrowed from indie rock, alternative rock, art-punk, post-punk, and new wave. Still, the band explores these genres with a twist by enhancing them with electronic music, minimal, synth wave, synth-pop, and bubblegum pop. Honey For Petzi doesn’t stop there. Quite the contrary, the band dives deep down into experimental and avant-garde waters by fusing all the beforementioned genres with krautrock, glitch, ambient, noise, and noise pop. You’ll hear layers upon layers of strange, weird, but satisfying noises, loops, sequences, and ambiances, and you’ll crave for more. Honey For Petzi wrote, composed, recorded, and produced their music by thoroughly thinking about every orchestration and sonic movement. It is not a random pile of assorted noises but an ear-appealing full-length release that demands your utmost attention while listening.

Observations + Descriptions is available as a digital release, compact disc, but it also comes on a vinyl record. I highly recommend purchasing the vinyl version because this type of music undoubtfully sounds superb in analog format. Head over to Two Gentlemen for more information about ordering this gem.






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