Ceyeo - Broken

Ceyeo – Broken

Ceyeo - Broken

Chicago-based alternative rock artist Ceyeo recently released a new single. Broken is the third composition from the series of singles launched this year, which announces the upcoming full-length album named Machine Learning, set for release in August 2022. The song also includes a guest back-vocal appearance from Liliia Kysil, a Ukrainian artist living through ongoing conflict. Perhaps Ceyeo mostly prefers the alternative rock sound on this track, but there are many other elements along the way. You’ll notice how this creative artist incorporates some characteristics of indie rock, post-rock, and pop-punk music, so Broken unquestionably sounds fresh and unique.

Ceyeo - Broken

Ceyeo‘s approach to alternative rock music differs compared what other artists/bands practice on the contemporary scene. The chord progressions, riffs, melodies, harmonies, keys, and rhythmic sequences included in this track perfectly showcase how Ceyeo thinks differently than the rest of the scene. Broken carries such a unique ambiance that maybe leans much more towards psychedelic or post-rock, with a touch of modern production, but it possesses all the orchestrations that define alternative rock music. All these crucial elements shape the musical direction of the song. Ceyeo knows what he’s doing, and that’s vividly hearable in his music. Broken is available for listening on all streaming platforms.





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