Jem Doulton – Shipwreckers

Jem Doulton

English drummer Jem Doulton recently released a new single. Shipwreckers is the twelfth composition in the row from the series of singles that promote his upcoming full-length album. As I mentioned in many previous posts, Jem Doulton separated this material into twelve individual tracks. Each track includes guests appearances of the musicians who collaborated or still collaborate with Jem. Shipwreckers differs because there are no collaborators on this one except Dem Castellanos (The Oscillation), who mixed and co-produced the whole album with Doulton.

Shipwreckers offers an ear-appealing voyage into the depths of psychedelic, cinematic, retro-futuristic ambient music. It provides a cathartic listening experience fully loaded with moderate electronic beats, synthy percussions, various accentuations, drone backgrounds, pleasant keys, beautiful ambiances, and calmy chants. Shipwreckers resemble something the greats like Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra, or Vangelis would eventually record throughout their careers, but with a Doulton’s signature sound added over the top. This composition could easily pass as a soundtrack for avant-garde, artsy or regular movies because of such a soothing atmosphere. Jem Doulton exceeded all expectations with this one. I am positively sure most listeners will agree with me that this number serves as a perfect closure for such a versatile solo album. Shipwreckers is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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