Sister Jack – Don’t Let Me Down

Sister Jack - Don't Let Me Down

Seattle-based post-punk artist Sister Jack has recently released a debut composition. Right with the initial notes and beats of this energetic song, you’ll notice how various music genres inspired Sister Jack to write, compose, arrange and record this fine piece of post-punk artistry. Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk, you will unquestionably stumble upon some other elements borrowed from indie, alternative, nineties rock, and even grunge, a widely known trademark of Seattle. Still, it seems that the grunge scene inspired Sister Jack only in terms of incorporating abrasive, raw, heavily distorted sound that resonates from all possible directions throughout the entire song.

Sister Jack

The way how grunge aesthetic goes perfectly with post-punk music will blow you away. It gives more than necessary aggression to the song that bursts with ear-appealing chants, beautiful chord progressions, excellent melodies, and harmonies. Don’t Let Me Down is a gem of the contemporary post-punk scene mainly because it doesn’t sound similar to any other track presented by the current artists. It possesses an ambiance that unquestionably sounds fresh, unique, and innovative. Sister Jack aims to refresh the bland modern post-punk scene by adding more than necessary aggression, and this creative artist managed to do it properly. You can listen to Don’t Let Me Down on all streaming platforms.

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