Caustic Waves – Regenerate

Caustic Waves - Regenerate

UK indie artist Caustic Waves has recently released a new track. Regenerate is a debut single by this Glasgow, Scotland-based musician and producer, who showcases the sole experience throughout the entire debut song. Profoundly inspired by the renowned bands, such as Helmet, Kerbdog, Far, and Deftones, his music continuously levitates between the sound of the bands that inspired him. Still, there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye. By merging elements of several complementary music genres like emo, post-hardcore, indie rock, alternative rock, and alternative metal, Caustic Waves offer a luxurious sound that many contemporary artists/bands could only wish for but never managed to combine.

Caustic Waves

Caustic Waves incorporate almost equal amounts of melodies, harmonies, aggression, and energy. Still, the main focus is on the melodic aspect of his sound, and the song remains in those waters from beginning to end. The quality of this composition is nearly mind-blowing, and you won’t even notice it is his debut once you press play. The creativity, ideas, and musicianship invested in Regenerate prove Caustic Waves is an artist with the sole aim to win the hearts and minds of alternative rock fans. If you ever loved the late 90s to early 00s music, this track will blow your mind. Regenerate is available for listening on all streaming services.

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