Brendon Moon - Fear

Brendon Moon – Fear

Brendon Moon - Fear

After two outstanding singles and a critically acclaimed full-length release, Australian indie artist Brendon Moon returns with another wonderful composition. It has been almost three years since his self-titled full-length album hit the streets, so this single comes as a pleasant surprise that will indulge the listening apparatuses of indie fans. This time, Moon showcases an improved sound, enhanced by various elements borrowed from complementary genres. Therefore, besides the sheer dominance of indie pop and indie rock, you will notice heavy dosages of shoegaze, dream pop, psychedelic pop, alternative rock, and grunge. Fear is a cleverly assembled composition that carries many sonic surprises along the way.

Brendon Moon - Fear

Brendon Moon solely relies upon a cinematic ambiance, grungy basslines, and heavy rhythmic segments. These qualities shape the entire track, which bursts with echoic riffs, melodies, and harmonies. Moon’s high-pitched chants serve as more than a necessary layer that further enhances this ear-appealing track. Fear offers a calmy, soothing, relaxing, cathartic listening experience, which will suit your listening apparatus no matter which music genre you prefer. It’s a lecture on how a mixture of indie pop and alternative rock should sound nowadays, and it unquestionably stands out from any other track presented by other contemporary artists. Fear is available for listening on all streaming platforms.






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