Prince Of Sweden - Garrison Lane

Prince Of Sweden – Garrison Lane

Prince Of Sweden - Garrison Lane

After a series of six singles in a row launched in 2022 and an outstanding extended play named Live From A Dark Room, London-based alternative rock artist Prince Of Sweden returns with another excellent composition named Garrison Lane. Profoundly inspired by the greats such as Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, this immensely talented artist explores calmer, relaxing, soothing melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions. His experimentations resulted in an ear-appealing collection of cleverly arranged tones and rhythmic sequences that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of an alternative rock sound. It’s a proper comeback after the critically acclaimed Live From A Dark Room EP.

Prince Of Sweden

Prince Of Sweden provides a nearly cathartic listening experience, where his hypnotic voice clashes with catchy chord progressions and moderate beats. These orchestrations are building an almost melancholic, saddened, but not depressive atmosphere that hides many sonic surprises. Prince Of Sweden knows exactly what he’s doing, so each maneuver delivered by this highly experienced artist sounds like a skillfully measured portion of instrumentations. Besides alternative rock, you may stumble upon smaller dosages of goth rock, indie rock, dream pop, and other similar genres that go together perfectly. If you’re looking out for alternative rock enhanced with melancholic ambiance, Garrison Lane will be a perfect choice for you.





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