The End Of My World: Flathead Release New Cassette EP

Flathead - The End Of My World

Ganache Records has released The End Of My World by Flathead.

Lead by Téo Tomy Tannières from Tomy & The Cougars, along with David Hofmann (Calvitie, Seppuku, Hofmann Family Blues Experience), Rudy “Rock” Romeur (The Aggravation, Sunsick, La Flingue), Théo Kael Serre (Pogy & Les Kéfars) and Mathieu Aimon (Parade), FLAThead is the Marseille’s all-stars band since January 2020.

This 5 tracks EP is the great assemblage of Téo Tomy’s love songs written in his bedroom between 2012-2019, rearranged by the band, and recorded during summer of 2020.

After 2 unsuccessful years, the band is ready to eat the world!

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