Split Persona – I Need More

Split Persona - I Need More

Reno, Nevada alternative band quartet Split Persona recently released a new song. This time, the band teamed up with some renowned names of the alternative/grunge scene, such as Chet Roberts of 3 Doors Down and Greg Upchurch of Eleven and Puddle Of Mudd. I Need More is their third composition in the row from the series of singles launched after the band released a self-titled EP in 2020. This particular single showcases Split Persona at the peak of their creativity and musicianship. It’s a highly intense, energetic, alternative rock song that will, without any doubt, end up on many Spotify or radio station playlists.

Split Persona
Photo By Zander Hoschak

I Need More continuously levitates between the late nineties alternative rock, indie rock, and grunge sound. Still, there are also vividly hearable elements of contemporary rock music implemented in the core of the song. Split Persona know what they’re doing, and this single is more than solid proof of a band that knows its direction. From wondrously performed chants and heavy riffs to excellent basslines and exceptional drumming, this band paves its way to the top with a meaningful alternative rock song that bursts with sheer power. I Need More is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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