Marcus Herne – 88 II

Marcus Herne - 88 II

Once again, we’re delving deep into the experimental avant-garde waters. I would like to introduce Marcus Herne, a London-based composer and experimental artist who uses various approaches to achieve the desired sound. After the critically acclaimed composition 88, which consists of countless layers of piano recordings, Further Reach, and Forms EP, Herne revisits his artistic/sonic approach from the very beginnings of his music career with 88 II. Once again, Herne solely relies upon multiple layers of piano melodies, harmonies, ambiances, and other sonic maneuvers. He tries to build up soundscapes that serve as a homage to March 29th, the day known as international piano day.

Marcus Herne

Marcus Herne stands out from the vast majority of other experimental artists mainly because his works are thoroughly planned, composed, and produced. It’s is not just a pile of strangely articulated noises. Each layer, sequence, or segment has its purpose in this sonic equation. Herne combined all these layers into a colossal slab of harmonious piano orchestrations that come close to the genres such as cinematic ambient or drone music. Still, you may also notice some similarities with retro-synth instrumentals practiced by the legendary Vangelis. 88 II is also a lot heavier in sound than its predecessor. You should definitely check out this composition if avant-garde, experimental, cinematic ambient, or drone music are genres you dearly love. The composition is available for listening on all streaming services.

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