Snakedoctors - Crime Story

Snakedoctors – Crime Story

Snakedoctors - Crime Story

As you probably learned from our previous post about this Polish band, Snakedoctors are a quartet that doesn’t hesitate to experiment with their sound. You may stumble upon so many complementary music genres in their tunes, and that’s the case with their latest piece of sonic artistry. Crime Story showcases a minimalist approach to several genres deeply connected to its punk rock roots. You may stumble upon post-punk, darkwave, grunge, but Snakedoctors also consider throwing in some alternative rock, indie rock, and new wave. Crime Story appears as a thoroughly constructed sonic amalgam that will satisfy even the pickiest ears craving for some fresh post-punk music.

Photo By Michal Mazurek, Wojciech Wypych

Since 2020, Snakedoctors managed to release sixteen singles and three full-lengths, so there’s no wonder that this Gdansk-based post-punk band paved its musical direction. Their music sounds confident enough to leave the impression of a band consisting of experienced musicians. Maybe Crime Story carries an entirely minimalistic approach. However, if you dig deep down beneath, you’ll notice complex basslines, dark ambient sequences, and delicate guitar accentuations. These guys emulate the late seventies to mid-eighties post-punk sound but also think of incorporating many modern sonic maneuvers. Crime Story is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.





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