Metrophobia – Kryptonite For The Superman

Metrophobia - Kryptonite For The Superman

Swiss rock band Metrophobia recently released a new track. Kryptonite For The Superman comes as a follow-up to their critically acclaimed full-length release named Silent Treatment, released on streaming platforms last year. This particular composition serves as the first taste of Metrophobia‘s sound in 2022, and it seems like the song comes with a lot of improvements in terms of ideas and production. That doesn’t come as a surprise considering the quality of their debut, which contains many ear-appealing modern rock tunes. The band unquestionably knows how to write, compose, record, and produce soothing, radio-friendly tracks that will suit all those curious ears who’re looking out for perfect alternative rock tracks.

Kryptonite For The Superman brings all the best elements of modern alternative and indie rock, but Metrophobia undoubtfully nurtures admiration towards the nineties alternative rock as well. Their love for the nineties music lies deep down in the core of Kryptonite For The Superman, and you’ll realize it as soon as you start listening to this song. From calmy lead vocals, catchy chord progressions, and slightly more aggressive riffs to punchy basslines and dynamic rhythmic acrobatics, Kryptonite For The Superman possesses every element of the greatest alternative rock songs. You can listen to the single on all streaming services.





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