Ask Carol – Tonight

Ask Carol - Tonight

Norway indie rock duo Ask Carol has recently released a new song. Tonight is the eleventh release in the row from a series of singles and EP’s launched in 2017 and the first single after the two-year break. This particular single showcases a more abrasive, aggressive, energetic, and dynamic side of Ask Carol, and it represents a natural progression of this Oslo-based duo. With a new composition, Ask Carol delivers their recognizable sound, but there’s are several more music styles involved, so their new track maybe signifies the new era for the band. Besides their recognizable indie rock maneuvers, Ask Carol explore grunge, garage rock, alternative rock, and other raw-sounding subgenres of rock music.

Ask Carol

“Tonight” bursts with impressive riffs, enhanced with generous servings of fuzz distortion. Still, the guitar tone is not overwhelmed with the fuzz, so you’ll hear each note delivered by a very creative guitar player. The distortion just points out that these musicians were profoundly inspired by grunge, garage rock, and alternative rock sound. The crystal clear female lead vocals add more power and aggression to an already dynamic track. Her voice represents the true core of this composition, while the remainder of the instruments gives more than necessary sonic support. You should give this track a chance if you’re into contemporary grunge and garage rock. Tonight is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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