Gideon Foster – Fatal Kiss

Gideon Foster - Fatal Kiss

Fatal Kiss is one of the latest singles released by Gideon Foster, a UK-based indie rock artist. This particular song was the last single Foster released in 2021, and it represents one of those compositions that serve as more than an appropriate continuation of the previous recordings. It also showcases how Gideon Foster is a prolific artist since this is his 23rd composition in a row from the series of singles launched in 2018. Fatal Kiss resonates with tremendous experience, outstanding ideas, and rock-solid musicianship from beginning to end. Also, it would be so foolish of me not to mention how much effort Foster spent while building song structure through perfect arrangements, accentuations, major and minor details.

Gideon Foster

Gideon Foster thoroughly planned this composition, and that’s bearable from scratch to finish. Perhaps, this creative artist dominantly nurtures indie rock sound, but more sonic ingredients are lurking around in the mix. You may hear some classic nineties alternative rock, eighties new wave, and mid-eighties post-punk sound floating here and there. Still, the main focus remains on calmy, soothing, relaxing, nearly cathartic melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, which is one of the primary characteristics of indie rock. There’s no doubt you’ll love this song if you’re profoundly into indie rock music. Fatal Kiss is available for listening on all streaming services.

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