Murman - Baptism

Murman – Baptism

Murman - Baptism

London-based post-punk quartet Murman released a new single today. Baptism is the third track in a row from the series of singles launched in 2020 and the first single this year. For this particular occasion, Murman decided to enhance an already luxurious post-punk sound with sonic elements borrowed from other complementary genres. Therefore, besides a vividly hearable post-punk base, you may stumble upon some alternative rock, garage rock, indie rock, new wave, and dream pop maneuvers. Still, Baptism sounds and appears like a cleverly assembled post-punk number that gives a little bit of a presence of other genres. It is a compact song that will unquestionably indulge your listening apparatus no matter which one of the beforementioned music styles you prefer.

Each segment is thoroughly planned, and even after the first listen, you’ll notice Murman are not joking around. Baptism serves as more than a solid proof of their skills, talent, creativeness, experience, and you’ll realize that once you hear all the chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, and rhythmic segments. Baptism, without any doubt, serves as a perfect example of how post-punk songs should sound today. You can listen to Baptism on all streaming platforms.






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