Opal Skies – Take My Hand

Opal Skies - Take My Hand

London-based indie rock band Opal Skies returns with a brand new single. Take My Hand is their fifth composition in a row from the series of singles launched in 2020 and the second single this year. After the critically acclaimed single named Parasite, Opal Skies decided to slow down a pace and calm things down a bit. Therefore, Take My hand sounds like a slightly calmer indie rock track with such a beautiful, nearly psychedelic ambiance. Still, the band sounds tighter during the choruses, when all the involved instruments burst with tremendous power and energy. Besides the flawlessly performed orchestrations, Opal Skies thought about the song structure, arrangements, accentuations, and other details that make this song even better.

Opal Skies
Photo by Coby King

Take My Hand mostly sails in indie rock waters, but there are some other music styles involved along the way. You may stumble upon some sonic ingredients such as alternative rock, post-rock, progressive rock, and new wave. Opal Skies invested so many excellent ideas into this track, so there’s not a chance you won’t enjoy it. The band once again proved they’re good in any genre they possibly think of exploring at the moment and Take My Hand is more than solid proof of it. You can listen to the single on all streaming platforms.

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