Prince Bishop - Roman Roads

Prince Bishop – Roman Roads

Prince Bishop - Roman Roads

Durham, UK-based alternative rock trio Prince Bishop has released a new composition today. Roman Roads is the second track in the row from a series of singles launched in 2021 and the first composition this year. For this particular song, Prince Bishop aimed for a profoundly energetic sonic approach that will unquestionably indulge all the curious ears who are into alternative rock music. Right with the initial notes and beats, you’ll notice that Prince Bishop consists of experienced musicians fully capable of writing, composing, recording, and producing outstanding alternative rock songs. It’s a number that provides nothing but an incredible listening experience from scratch to finish.

Prince Bishop

It would be so foolish of me not to mention other elements invested into this pleasant song. Perhaps Prince Bishop solely relies upon classic alternative rock maneuvers, but there’s certainly more than meets the eye. You’ll notice a generous layer of psychedelic rock ambiances, melodies, and harmonies lurking around, but Prince Bishop doesn’t stop there. Besides all these beforementioned ingredients, the band also includes some smaller portions of indie and classic rock, so this tune possesses something for everyone. Therefore, give it a listen, because you’ll surely love it. Roman Roads is available for listening on all streaming services.






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