Wind Walkers – Dead Talk

Wind Walkers - Dead Talk

Boston, Massachusetts-based post-hardcore quintet Wind Walkers recently unleashed a new single. Dead Talk comes as a proper follow-up to their full-length release The Lost Boys and other singles, such as Face My Fears, Without Me, The Feeling. However, it seems that Wind Walkers additionally enhanced their sound in this particular composition. Dead Talk showcases luxurious, harmonious, melodic, cathartic ambiance improved with heavy, robust, dynamic guitar shreds and beats. Wind Walkers unquestionably sound even heavier than ever before, but the mellow, soothing, hypnotic melodies are still part of their signature sound. The band achieved this improved sound by combining other elements onto their post-hardcore base.

Wind Walkers

These experimentations unquestionably come as a big surprise that will indulge the listening apparatuses of those who’re profoundly into post-hardcore sound. Still, Dead Talk will also be right up the alley to other listeners who’re not into post-hardcore at all. This composition includes some ingredients taken from similar genres, such as metalcore, melodic hardcore, indie, and pop-punk. Still, the band paid a lot of attention while assembling this tune, so everything sounds compact. Each instrument has its place in the mix, so you’ll hear even the tiniest notes and accentuations hidden beneath the layers of harmonious orchestrations. Wind Walkers have put heart and soul into this track, and the effort is vividly hearable from scratch to finish. Dead Talk is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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