Faster On Fire – The Basics

Faster On Fire - The Basics

Raleigh, North Carolina pop-punk duo Faster On Fire recently released a new track. The Basics is their sixth release from a series of singles and EPs launched in 2019 and the first single this year. For this particular composition, Faster On Fire decided to go with what they do the best, and that’s writing, composing, recording, and producing an ear-appealing pop-punk song. Still, this number comes with so many sonic delicacies hidden beneath the layers of pleasant pop-punk sounds. Maybe this track bursts with the sheer dominance of pop-punk vibe, but that’s not the only genre that lurks around along the way. Quite the contrary, Faster On Fire decided to invest in some other sonic elements to enhance their already luxurious track even more.

Faster On Fire

The Basics includes elements borrowed from similar genres such as emo, indie rock, skate rock, nineties rock, and alternative rock. The duo thoughtfully combined all these elements, so these additions come as enhancements over the pop-punk base. The verses showcase a slightly mellower side of Faster On Fire, but the catchy choruses prove the band is more than capable of delivering a mixture of harmonies and aggression. The Basics comes with an appropriate video, so I highly advise you to check out both the track and the video. The video is available for watching on YouTube, while the single is available on all streaming platforms.

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