Dead Things – Mouth Sewn Shut

Los Angeles horror-themed metalcore band Dead Things have recently released a new single. Mouth Sewn Shut is their third single in a row from a series of singles launched in 2021 and the first single this year. This particular single serves as a proper continuation of their previous works like Straight To Hell and Rose Gardens. For those who’re not familiar with the activities of the band, Dead Things nurture thoughtfully arranged metalcore sound, enhanced with some other elements borrowed from similar subgenres. Therefore, you may also stumble upon complementary genres like deathcore, hardcore, post-hardcore, pop-punk, and alternative metal. These experimentations resulted in a powerful composition that bursts with sheer energy from scratch to finish.

Dead Things

Perhaps this is just their third single, but Dead Things prove they’re up to the task. Their music sounds like it was written, composed, recorded, and produced by experienced musicians who possess all the tools of the trade of assembling proper metalcore tunes. Each growl, scream, melodic chant, guitar shred, bassline, and the beat is cleverly assembled in this fine piece of metalcore artistry, and you can’t deny the fact this tune rocks pretty damn hard. Dead Things plan to unleash new tracks throughout 2022, so stay tuned. Mouth Sewn Shut is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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