Erebe - Drowning

Erebe – Drowning

Erebe - Drowning

French psychedelic post-metal quintet Erebe recently released a debut single. Drowning announces its upcoming full-length record named AEON. The first single perfectly demonstrates their creativity, ideas, and capabilities as musicians. Right with the initial notes and beats of this number, you’ll immediately hear the sole experience invested into the singular track. The band finds inspiration in several complementary genres such as progressive rock, psychedelic rock, post-rock, post-metal, and sludge. However, you’ll notice their admiration towards electronic, synth, and ambient music, mainly because this composition contains some of these elements along the way. Drowning could easily fit into any of these beforementioned music genres, but after all, it appears as Erebe’s signature sound.

Photo by Hugo Lavesque

Of course, this amalgam of genres opens so many doors for a fresh, unique, versatile sound, and that’s what the musicians involved in Erebe do. They explored every possible sphere of music until they perfected the desired sound. You’ll solely enjoy their progressive orchestrations, thoughtfully constructed background ambiances, outstanding guitar shreds, and hyper-dynamic rhythmic maneuvers. Powerful lead vocals burst with low and high notes with such ease, but these chants also contribute to the harmonious sound of the band. Their music continuously levitates between heavy riffs and psychedelic ambiances, so if post-rock and post-metal is something you dearly listen to, then this single will be right up your alley. You can listen to the single on all streaming services.







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