Boots'n'Booze Vol. 2.

Boots’n’Booze Vol. 2. w/ The Liquidators – Long Time Train / Soul Steppin’ 7″ (Pirates Press Records)

Boots'n'Booze Vol. 2.

It is time for some comic books. However, this is not just an ordinary superhero-themed comic book but an autographical graphic novel anthology about the streetpunk scene in California. Once again, Pirates Press Records teamed up with Boots’n’Booze in delivering the second set of stories written and illustrated by Joel Loya, James Reitano, Misty Hecht, Courtney Schamach, Dannyboy Smith, John Bush, and Lucas Musgrave. Pirates Press Records need no introduction, mainly because this collective is one of the most significant punk rock labels omnipresent on a contemporary streetpunk scene. Boots’n’Booze is a magazine entirely dedicated to music reviews, beverage reviews, and interviews with musicians and bands, which are an integral part of this specific movement. However, this anthological graphic novel reflects on the adventures of teenage skinheads living in a small beach town in California.

The diversity in storytelling and drawing style makes this anthology even more special. Still, all the stories have the same connection, a profound devotion towards streetpunk music and Oi! subculture. This amalgam of wondrously written stories contains a decent amount of humor and wittiness, which will draw you to read this anthology over and over again. The diverse approach to illustrating these stories is also something that keeps this second edition of a comic book fresh and unique. After all, the first edition sold out fast, and it seems the second edition will fly off the shelves pretty soon. As a longtime comic book fan, I cannot escape from checking out the quality of this edition. Pirates Press proved once again they’re at the top of the game when it comes to publishing not only vinyl records but any type of publication. The thickness of the covers and the quality of the paper will keep this comic book on your bookshelf for a very long time. Also, there’s a protective plastic bag that keeps your collectible from collecting dust.

The Liquidators - Long Time Train / Soul Steppin' 7" (Pirates Press Records)

Still, Pirates Press decided to spice things up a little bit. They included a rare 7″ vinyl release by The Liquidators, a streetpunk band from Santa Cruz that roamed the scene in the nineties. The 7″ record contains two compositions, Long Time Train and Soul Steppin’, which will indulge even the pickiest fans of this particular genre. There are also several variants, such as beer, blood red, and standard black. Each variant comes limited to 500 copies, so pick up your weapon of choice and enjoy this comic book with an appropriate soundtrack. Head over to Pirates Press Records and order these streetpunk gems.






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