Never Surrender: Chris DeMakes And Holly Would Surrender Teamed Up In A New Joint Song

Holly Would Surrender

After two studio albums and one EP, the Hamburg-based skatepunk band releases another EP via SBÄM Records. On April 22nd “End Game” sees the light.

The second single “Never Surrender” is a Chris DeMakes song, but at the same time not a cover.

As we all know, a lot of good music comes from here and also in modern pop punk and skate punk one band has been standing out for many years: Holly Would Surrender got going in 2010 with their debut and since then have been on the road with bands like Zebrahead, Mest or The Ataris. 

On their new EP “End Game” serious tones are struck, the songs were recorded in 2020 at Arrows In The Attic Studios and mixed by Nicker Diener at Oneder Studios (Much The Same, We Are The Union) and mastered by Jay Mass (Defeater, Bane, State Champs).

Never Surrender is not a cover song in the conventional sense.2020 during the pandemic, when nothing was going, HWS were in the process of writing new songs for the upcoming EP. 

At the same time Chris DeMakes from Less Than Jake offered his songwriting for special occasions like birthdays etc. via a platform. Singer Ole contacted him and asked if there was also the possibility to write a song for Holly Would Surrender. He was immediately on board. 

The theme was roughly set and an acoustic version of the song Never Surrender was created.  “As big Less Than Jake fans, it was a great experience to work so closely with Chris on the project,” said the Hamburg pop punks from HWS. 

“Chris really liked our version and decided to release the song himself as a full band version.”

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