Lilo Powder – One Of Us

Lilo Powder - One Of Us

Stockholm, Sweden-based dream pop duo Lilo Powder released a new single a couple of days ago. One Of Us is the second single by this creative duo and a more than appropriate continuation of their debut single, named The Pull. Lilo Powder continues to shapeshift the boundaries of dream-pop music by incorporating even more cinematic ambient, shoegaze, psychedelic pop-rock, indie rock, alternative rock into their sound. These experimentations with several complementary genres resulted in a soothing composition that bursts with tremendous chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, calmy chants, discreet beats, and loads of ear-appealing atmosphere. It’s a powerful second single created by exceptionally creative musicians who know how to deliver divine dream-pop numbers right to the table.

Lilo Powder

One Of Us carries a relaxing, hypnotic, cathartic cinematic ambiance, empowered by generous servings of various effects such as reverb, echo, and delay. Each instrument is equally responsible for an incredible atmosphere that offers an exceptional listening experience. Guitars play one of the significant roles with all the melodic themes, harmonies, and cleverly arranged chord progressions, but the remainder of orchestrations are also important in building up such a divine composition. This number possesses so many segments, accentuations, and wise arrangements that will, without any doubt, force you to spin this song over again. One Of Us is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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