SALT – Tumbleweed

SALT - Tumbleweed

Scottish alternative rock quartet SALT recently released another single that promotes their upcoming full-length. Tumbleweed provides a sneak-peek into a Fairytale Of Fire, a highly anticipated full-length release, set for release on February 14th via HX Records. Tumbleweed is also one of the selected tracks released in a digital form by Animal Farm. For this particular composition, SALT decided to explore alternative rock and grunge sound by incorporating raw, abrasive, and heavy chord progressions. Still, a decent portion of the Tumbleweed carries the calm atmosphere that resembles the greatest indie rock and post-punk songs. It’s a profoundly detailed number enhanced by brilliant lyricism and excellent musicianship.


Tumbleweed leads the listener to a pleasant sonic journey that offers only the best qualities of the beforementioned genres. The song is simultaneously energetic, dynamic, heavy, but it also contains a more mellow, soothing, cathartic side. Despite the generous amount of music genres, Tumbleweed still appears as a classic SALT number, mainly because of their ability to write, compose and record outstanding songs. This particular number will be right up your alley if you ever needed the nineties alternative rock/ grunge music, enhanced by a contemporary production. Tumbleweed is available for listening on all streaming services.

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