Rotunda - Total Carnage CD EP

Rotunda – Total Carnage CD EP

Rotunda - Total Carnage CD EP

British punk rock is on the menu today. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a message from Rotunda, mainly because I was familiar with the activities of this band for over two decades. Their latest extended play, among some other CDs, popped on my doorstep. Therefore, I have a chance to write something about their latest works. For those who’re not familiar with the activities of this band, Rotunda is a longstanding punk rock band coming from Birmingham. The band has been active for almost three decades and has plenty of recordings under its belt. I was a bit surprised when I realized there’s not so much information about the band on the web, considering their longevity. Still, you’ll find most of their discography on streaming services such as Bandcamp and Spotify.

Total Carnage is their latest EP release that consists of six energetic punk rock songs. The band nurtures a classic UK82 style and devotedly follows that path for years. Their sound is a flawlessly assembled mixture of streetpunk, hardcore punk, and classic punk rock, but at some points, you may stumble upon sound similar to d-beat as well. Therefore, if you’re profoundly into the British punk rock scene, you will unconditionally love the sound of Rotunda. Total Carnage showcases a natural progression of the band that perfected this particular style over the years. Rotunda are not joking when it comes to excellent musicianship and detailed lyricism, so this extended play bursts with the sheer aggression from scratch to finish. Perhaps the themes covered in these songs are not something you didn’t hear before, but they are relevant considering the global situation with politics, religion, corruption, and other common themes explored within this genre.

Soundwise, Total Carnage carries something for everyone. No matter if you’re into old-school street punk, British hardcore punk, classic punk rock, or even metal, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll love this recording. The flawlessly assembled riffs will satisfy even the pickiest fans of the genre, and the tight sound of the guitars entirely works in advantage of these riffs. The rhythm section contributes to the massive sound through warm-sounding low-end tones and profoundly dynamic drumming performance. Each composition carries excellent lyricism, energetic musicianship, and outstanding arrangements. The classic punk rock shoutouts are providing another layer of aggression over the music, and you will also notice a decent portion of singalongs along the way. Total Carnage is an outstanding material you surely don’t want to miss. The EP comes on a compact disc, so head over to Rotunda’s social media or Bandcamp to preserve your copy.






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