Ten Eighty Trees - Pathfinder

Ten Eighty Trees – Pathfinder

Ten Eighty Trees - Pathfinder

British post-hardcore trio Ten Eighty Trees released a new single today. Pathfinder is their eleventh single in a row that comes from the series of singles launched back in 2018 and their first single this year. Like their previous singles, Pathfinder comes as a colossal slab of harmonious noise, built upon dozen of tiny sonic clusters. It’s a powerful composition entirely performed in the classic Ten Eighty Trees manner, but as is usually the case, it also carries more than meets the eyes. Besides the sheer dominance of profoundly dynamic post-hardcore sound, Ten Eighty Trees thought about additional ingredients, so Pathfinder carries elements of pop-punk, melodic punk rock, mathcore, grunge, alternative rock, and indie rock.

Ten Eighty Trees

The band also thought about the balance between the complex sonic segments and slightly less technically demanding moments, which continuously clash throughout the song. Therefore, Pathfinder appears as progressive post-hardcore composition that also brings only the best pop-punk, melodic punk rock, and grunge qualities to the table. You’ll solely enjoy the impressive musicianship of all three involved musicians and the vocal performance that unquestionably enhances this energetic number on an entirely new level. Keep your eyes peeled on the activities of this band because these guys sound even better with each composition they deliver. Pathfinder is available for listening on all streaming services.





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