The Way Of Kings: Royal Preference Recently Released A Debut Single

Royal Preference
Photo By Ekaterina Spiridonova

Krakow, Poland-based progressive rock artist Royal Preference released his debut single last year. Still, we think this particular composition deserves your utmost attention mainly because Royal Preference showcases exquisite musicianship throughout the entire number. The Way Of Kings truly sounds like a composition performed by the kings from scratch to finish and the most impressive thing is the fact that Vadim Tarasov AKA Royal Preference pulled this song all by himself. Every instrument you hear on The Way Kings is composed and recorded by him. If that’s not impressive enough, wait until you hear his version of contemporary progressive rock music.

Royal Preference
Photo By Ekaterina Spiridonova

The Way Of Kings embraces all the best qualities of progressive rock, but still, Vadim Tarasov decided to stack this number up to the max with some other sonic elements. Besides the sheer dominance of progressive rock, you may stumble upon stoner rock, sludge, post-rock, post-metal, hard rock, and cinematic ambient. All these ingredients are building up the structure called The Way Of Kings, which sounds robust, heavy, powerful, energetic, but also, harmonious, melodic, mellow, atmospheric, and cathartic when this composition needs that the most. Just add up an impressive musician of Vadim Tarasov all over the top, and you got yourself a powerful progressive rock track that represents one of the best tunes you’ll hear nowadays. The Way Of Kings is available for listening on all streaming services.

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