Everything But The Everything Teamed Up With Golden Plates To Deliver An Outstanding Brand New Single

Everything But The Everything

Oakland, California post-punk act Everything But The Everything teamed up with Golden Plates to deliver another brilliant track. Their collaboration resulted in In Love…Again, an excellent post-punk number decorated with a touch of new wave. Bay Area music veteran Izzy The Gent is known for his collaborations with various musicians, and all those collaborations sound superb, so that’s the case with this number as well. However, In Love…Again is not strictly for post-punk and new wave fans because this track includes even more music genres than meets the eye. Therefore, this particular song will suit even those who’re more into alternative, indie, or dream-pop sound.

Everything But The Everything and Golden Plates delve together into the depths of post-punk and new wave aesthetics by incorporating all the vital elements of these music genres. The song contains an addictive lead melody and a repetitious bassline that instantly gets under your skin. The ambiance is slightly echoic, reverby, hypnotic, cathartic, so this number carries some elements of shoegaze and dream pop but in reasonable dosages. Perhaps In Love…Again is a soothing post-punk/new wave number, but the moderate rhythmic sequences offer enough speed and dynamics, so this tune could also be perfect for dancing. It possesses everything you ever needed from a contemporary post-punk song. In Love…Again is available for listening on all streaming services.

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