Matthew Liam Nicholson Released A New Single Today

Matthew Liam Nicholson

Los Angeles-based Australian dream-pop artist Matthew Liam Nicholson released a new single today. The Worm Turns represents the fourth single in a row from the series of singles that Nicholson launched in 2021. It’s a first single this year, and it comes right after The Publisher, Nine Movements, and Dusty Bones. With The Worm Turns, Matthew Liam Nicholson continues to expand his illustrious sound much more towards dreamy, soothing, cathartic pop, decorated with equally pleasant power pop, psychedelic rock, indie rock aesthetics. This single emits so many relaxing, hypnotic, addictive, catchy melodies, harmonies, and ambiances.

Besides all the beforementioned ingredients, elements, music genres, you may also stumble upon some other additions that decorate this composition even more. Nicholson also incorporated delicate but vividly hearable bluesy, folk-rock, and classic rock guitar moves, which are spicing things up throughout the entire track. The Worm Turns is one of those profoundly detailed songs you’ll listen to over and over again, and Matthew Liam Nicholson did a tremendous job while writing, composing, recording this piece of dream-pop artistry. You can listen to The Worm Turns on all streaming services.

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