Love Ghost Recently Released A New Single

Love Ghost

Los Angeles, CA – Alternative rock quintet Love Ghost recently released a new single. Tell Me When is the sixteenth single in a row from a series of singles Love Ghost launched at the beginning of 2021. The group is known for its experimentation with various but complementary genres of underground music, so that’s the case with Tell Me When. Love Ghost explores contemporary pop-punk with their new single. However, Tell Me When also includes generous servings of emo, indie rock, alternative rock, and electronica. It’s one of those compositions that will appeal to the broader auditorium, mainly because it bursts with catchy melodies, excellent arrangements, sheer dynamics, and other qualities that define all the greatest songs in the genre.

Tell Me When is a modern pop-punk number decorated with all the best elements of the beforementioned genres. Love Ghost wisely implemented all these ingredients in order to achieve the desired sound, and this particular composition is proof that these types of experimentations can sound incredible. Tell Me When is followed by an appropriate video, which is available for watching on YouTube. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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