Caleb Caming & The Heat

Caleb Caming & The Heat Released A Second Single From Their Upcoming EP

Caleb Caming & The Heat
Photo By Harrison Isaac

New York, US. – Garage rock group Caleb Caming & The Heat released a brand new single today. Trashy is a second single off their upcoming debut extended play of the same name. This time, Caleb Caming & The Heat lean much more towards punk rock sound, but the uncompromising garage rock ambiance still lurks around in the background. Trashy continuously levitates between classic seventies and early nineties punk rock sound, but you may also stumble upon some energetic, abrasive, dynamic, grungy rock’n’roll that unquestionably decorates the punk rock base of this song.

Photo By Harrison Isaac

This particular composition contains relentless energy. Still, there are enough melodies and harmonies that come as a perfect contrast to the rawness and aggression of the song. Caleb Caming & The Heat thought about everything while assembling this catchy number, so you’ll instantly fall in love with powerful chants, semi-distorted verses, anthemic choruses, rhythmic maneuvers, accentuations, and other sonic delicacies. The entire band bursts with sheer energy from scratch to finish, so if you’re looking out for some excellent punk rock tunes, Trashy will be an ideal choice for you. You can listen to Trashy on all streaming services.






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