Hug The Line: Kevin Rieth Released A Debut Single

Kevin Rieth - Hug The Line

San Diego, California, alternative rock artist Kevin Rieth recently released a new single. Hug The Line represents a debut single, released at the end of 2021. This particular composition is also the first single from a series of singles that announce Rieth‘s debut full-length album named Up & Up. Right with the initial notes and beats, you’ll realize Kevin Rieth is an experienced musician who knows how to write, compose, record, and produce ear-appealing alternative rock songs, but Hug The Line also carries lots of surprises along the way. Besides alternative rock, Rieth also experiments with other music genres such as indie rock, classic rock, and soul.

Hug The Line unquestionably carries the heavy dosages of soul music, which is vividly hearable throughout the entire composition. The song also has a slightly psychedelic rock ambiance that goes perfectly with the alternative base. The ear-appealing lead vocals, progressive musicianship, profoundly detailed lyrics, calmy verses, and catchy choruses are the main qualities of this single, which will instantly get into your head. There’s no doubt that Kevin Rieth invested heart and soul into Hug The Line because his effort during writing/composing this single is hearable from beginning to end. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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