HYOOMAN Announces A Full-Length With A Brand New Single

Photo by Sylvia Jennings

Minneapolis alternative/indie rock quintet HYOOMAN released a debut single called Kid a couple of days ago. The single announces their upcoming full-length named Pilot. HYOOMAN simultaneously published the video for the same song, which is now available for watching on YouTube. The group balances between alternative, indie rock, and indie pop, but you’ll notice a heavy presence of reverby and echoic atmosphere floating around from scratch to finish. Perhaps the dream-pop vibe is more hearable than any other genre, but that’s what makes this particular composition even more enjoyable. You’ll immediately submerge into soothing, relaxing, cathartic melodies, harmonies, moderate rhythms, and lead vocal that forces you to spin this catchy indie tune over and over again.

Photo by Rob Alexander

HYOOMAN invites you to an endless polyphonic voyage full of brilliant ideas and impressive sonic delicacies. The video resembles the nineties alternative rock/grunge aesthetics by showcasing the recording process and ordinary day of the band members. The band caught everything with a VHS camera or used some VHS effects to mimic the beforementioned era. The single is available for listening on streaming platforms, while the video is available on YouTube.

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