Avenues To Release A Debut Full-Length Album

This album has taken the group almost 4 years to complete. Dealing with health issues, studios closing and a pandemic, it certainly has been no easy task for the band. But with as many setbacks as the band has had, Avenues has used that time and experience to help fuel the album. Vin’s catchy vocal hooks, Marc-Alan’s driving drums, and the Brooks brother’s non-stop energy will have you singing along and playing air guitar in no time!

The album started in 2017 at Atlas Studios in Chicago, IL, where the band started recording drum tracks. Soon after returning home from recording drums, Marc-Alan started becoming deathly ill and shortly afterwards needed to have surgery due to diverticulitis which caused him to spend the better part of 2018 in a hospital. During which time Avenues decided to push back their recording plans until Marc-Alan was fully healthy. After his recovery, Marc-Alan moved to Milwaukee from Texas to focus on recording the new album. At this time, Atlas Studios had just closed and Avenues once again had another setback; this time they had to find a new studio. With months of searching they were very excited to start working with Engineer/Producer Kevin Arndt at the Exchange Recording Complex in Milwaukee, WI in 2019. After months of tracking, the band was so close to finishing the album until the pandemic hit in early 2020, shutting down everything. To say Avenues has had a few setbacks while trying to finish their new album would be an understatement but the band has never lost hope and is more determined than ever to finally be releasing, “We’re All Doomed”. Mixing/mastering was finally finished early 2021 at which point they rejoined with Wiretap Records for its U.S. release and SBAM Records to help co-release the new record in Europe.


“Devious” was the first single from the album and has become an instant anthem, foreshadowing what to expect from the long awaited album.

The latest single “Lights Out” is another high energy singalong, and a great example of what’s to come from “We’re All Doomed”. The songs are a mix of classic skate punk singalongs, social justice, love/loss, and even nerdy video games all with fast paced driving guitars and catchy lyrics. Avenues promise the long awaited album will be worth the wait. The album will be available on a limited vinyl pressing, CD, as well as all digital platforms on November 19.

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