Echo Coast Promotes The Latest Single

Symphony Of Sound is the latest single by BBC introducing featured artist Echo Coast. Echo Coast is a solo project by James Hobbs, who decided to put this project together last year to experiment with his songwriting. He draws inspiration from many musical spheres, such as the 60s, indie, psychedelia, grunge, Americana, Motown, punk, but also from living on the South Coast of England, the history, people, and eccentricities of seaside towns. Symphony Of Sound is a metaphor for good and bad moments we encounter during our lifetime, but it also represents a relief while getting back to normal after the lockdown. It’s a celebration of life through the music that we all desperately need in our lives.

Echo Coast

Symphony Of Sound hides all interests of Echo Coast somewhere deep down in the thoughtfully assembled layers of sound. Perhaps the indie rock sound prevails among all of them, but you’ll unquestionably encounter some other ingredients as well. You may notice the elements of power pop, 60s rock’n’roll, Brit-pop, Motown, and alternative rock lurking around from scratch to finish. Each segment includes some of these elements, but the indie rock remains the dominant one. This composition possesses everything you ever demanded from a summertime power pop song. Singalongish chants, powerful chord progressions, and danceable rhythms will force you to celebrate life in the best possible way. Symphony Of Sound is available on streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube.

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