Jon Ann Promotes A Brand New Single

On The Side is the latest single by Jon Ann, an Australian duo that emanates from Adelaide. Jon Ann consists of twins Christie (lead vocals, guitar, co-writer) and Brendan (guitar, producer, co-writer, creative director), who are gaining inspiration from indie rock, alternative rock, 90s rock, grunge, dream pop, and other similar music genres. A duo shines bright with their latest piece of artistry, mainly because they’re blending complementary genres to illustrate their complex sound. Perhaps On The Side commences as an ordinary indie rock/indie pop number, but you’ll notice there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye as soon as you dig deeper into their sound.

The song carries a dreamy atmosphere, mainly because of the generous servings of reverb, echo, and delay effects, equally presented in the mix. A duo balances between calmy clean chord progressions and heavily distorted riffs with such ease, with some palm-muted segments included along the way. Jon Ann also balances between retro-sounding rock, alternative rock, grunge, and contemporary indie rock, shoegaze, dream pop sound, so On The Side possesses something for everyone. Christie delivers such unique chants and additionally decorates the overall listening experience with her powerful vocal abilities. This number demonstrates enormous creativity by this promising duo, so we highly advise you to pay closer attention to their music. On The Side is available for listening on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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