Suddenly You’re In The Sahara: Jem Doulton Unleashes His Fourth Single

Jem Doulton unleashes his fourth single named Suddenly You’re In The Sahara. Like his previous singles, this one also reveals a piece of the puzzle that represents his upcoming full-length album, where he gathered an impressive list of fellow musicians. Each guest appearance showcases a slightly different musical direction connected by Doulton’s exquisite drumming. Each new single also reveals the part of the cover artwork, which will be completed as soon as Jem publishes all the compositions separately. Besides Jem Doulton, Suddenly You’re In The Sahara involves Rachel Kenedy on bass and Alex Ward on clarinet/effects, while Dem Castellanos (The Oscillation) co-produced and mixed this number with Doulton.

Suddenly You’re In The Sahara is a thoughtfully assembled psychedelic rock song that hides so many other genres beneath layers of complex sounds. Jem Doulton decided to pack cinematic ambient, art rock, alternative rock, ethno, world music in the psychedelic rock foundations of this composition, but this amalgam of various genres still sounds compact. Suddenly You’re In The Sahara contains a soothing ambiance followed by an Arabic theme, which stays in moderate tempo from scratch to finish. The rhythm section blends in this melody and remains in that position throughout the entire track. Suddenly You’re In The Sahara instantly gets under the skin, mainly because of this Arabic theme, which transcends into another dimension with the presence of psychedelic rock. Like with his previous singles, Jem Doulton nails with Suddenly You’re In The Sahara as well, so you should check out the remainder of the tunes and pay closer attention to this exceptional artist. The single is available on streaming platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

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